Q – What age groups do you teach?
A – We teach 3 year old & upwards. I have witnessed students aged 78 years old take classes twice a week. Also keep in mind Grand Master Helio Gracie trained & taught jiu-jitsu in his 90’s.

Q – What items do I need to bring?
A – only yourself, we will have a clean uniform waiting for you for your first class.

Q – How much are your Jiu Jitsu classes?
A – It is school policy to never give pricing over the phone. We only give pricing once the introduction class is over.

Q – I’m a visitor from another school, can I wear my own uniform? 
A – As long as your uniform is white with no other school advertisements on the uniform, then yes it’s fine.

Q – How long does each class last?
A – depending on how long you’ve been training, classes last between half an hour to an hour.

Q – Do you teach group classes?
A – We teach group classes only in Sheffield, if you’re looking for privates,  our Chesterfield school offers privates for any age group!

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