New jiu jitsu students

 You may take your first Valente Brothers based Jiu-Jitsu class for free! This will be an excellent opportunity for you to meet the instructor, ask any questions, and learn some of our proven techniques. There’s absolutely no obligation. You can call us at 07737806162 or fill out this brief form on the contact page, and we will promptly contact you.

Youth jiu jitsu Program

Building confident kids for a better future. kids

In 2014 there were 26,000 counselling sessions with children about bullying. Bullying leads to lose of self-confidence in children. Most bullies are insecure and pray upon the smaller or weaker children.

These negative experiences often create psychological trauma that might last a lifetime. Here at Chesterfield Jiu Jitsu our Youth Program focuses on the physical,emotional and mental well being, and to add to that, educating each child with proven self-defence techniques. One important factor in our Youth program is to create positive children, and not to join the problem of bullying. Each child is educated in setting a good example for others to follow, discipline, courage, responsibility and leadership.

We promote non-violent resolutions to conflict. Ages 3 & upwards can learn. The instructor is trained to always treat the children in a positive manner & serve as powerful role models both on and off the mat. Jiu jitsu is a positive martial art that helps children to thrive.

Adults jiu jitsu Program Men/Women

During jiu jitsu private lesson you will learn bare hand combat, defending against knife, club & gun attacks.

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Grand Master Helio Gracie has stated that the fastest and most efficient way to take full advantage of Jiu Jitsu and all its intricacies and details is by taking private lessons,this allows for 1 one 1 training and gain all the teachers attention focused onto you. We have a 40 lesson curriculum that’s based on Grand master Helio’s Gracie’s most important techniques & once completed, it enables any individual to become physically independent.

Our program teaches you the 5 elements to defending against any possible attack:

• Standing up self-defence
• On the floor grappling
• Striking
• Throwing skills
• Philosophy

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